PCL Go Back To Their Roots

Posted: February 19, 2013 at 6:06 pm

PCL - Pothole Repair Nottingham - Principal Contracting

Principal Contracting Ltd have just secured a contract with Lafarge Tarmac on behalf of  Leicestershire County Council Highways for highway repair work. As most drivers will be aware, the freezing cold weather has caused some real damage to the roads across the East Midlands with huge potholes appearing from what seems nowhere. The temperatures have dropped throughout January and February  and with more cold weather set for the next few weeks its important that these repairs are done whilst PCL have the opportunity. The contract is currently set at 30 days with a view for a longer term contract to be offered after the work is completed. We’re confident that we can do a good job and rid the county of those pesky potholes that have caused so many of us problems and hope that the Council are happy with our work and ask us to look after the Leicestershire roads for many years to come.

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