What are precast concrete installations?

Posted: May 15, 2017 at 2:11 pm


Pre-castAt PCL we offer a variety of groundwork services and within this list, we have precast concrete installations.

In simple terms, precast concrete installations consist of casting concrete into moulds or forms to create structural applications.

These structures include:

  • Foundations
  • Beams
  • Floors
  • Walls

The best way to visually understand what these are is by looking at multi-storey car parks. These are primarily made up of hundreds of precast concrete for almost every component of the structure.

Precast concrete installations are one of the more popular choices when it comes to building structures due to a variety of benefits they bring.

 7 Reasons For Choosing Precast Concrete

1. Insulating

This type of foundation involves thermal Inertia, which allows a more constant temperature both in cold and hot regions through the insulating properties.


Concrete isn’t flammable, compared to wooden structures. Not only is the structure able to be maintained for longer periods, but concrete constructions also prevent the spread of fire from one building to another.

In extreme cases such as blasts and natural catastrophes like earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, the concrete structures are able to remain strong.


The casts can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing versatility in the structural design. The concrete can also be coloured and produced as different textures depending on the design and requirements.

4.Sustainable & Durable

As precast concrete doesn’t require chemical treatment to protect it against rot damage and insect infestations, this makes the upkeep of the structure far more sustainable compared to wooden beams.

Concrete has the ability to last for years and through effective design, this can increase the longevity of the structures.

Due to concrete being made up of natural raw materials (stones, gravels, sand, cement) from locally available sources, this minimises the impact of the environmental cycle.


Advanced technologies are enabling pre-casting plants to create an improved quality product compared to cast-on-sites.


On-site construction using precast concrete is not only faster but also safer as secure working platforms are quickly established.


Due to the speed of the construction and the expense of the materials, this makes precast concrete installations far more affordable compared to other options.


If you’ve now been convinced to go for precast concrete installations for your foundations, get in contact today at http://www.principalcontracting.co.uk/contact-principal-engineering/



What is Civil Engineering?

Posted: December 8, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Civil engineering is arguably one of the oldest practices in engineering, with even the Great Pyramids being considered by some to be an amazing feat of civil engineering. In short, it is the engineering discipline that covers the design, construction, and maintenance of a ‘built environment’.

What is a built environment?

The term “built environment” refers to any kind of structure or surroundings that are considered to be man-made. Bridges, buildings, roads, canals, airports, dams, tunnels, and parks can all be considered a built environment, and it is the design, construction, and management of these that civil engineers are in charge of.

What does a civil engineer do?

Civil engineering actually covers a wide variety of occupations, so each civil engineer you meet may be responsible for a completely different job or sector.

civil engineer blueprints - Principal Contracting Limited

Just some of the disciplines under the umbrella for civil engineering are:

  • Architectural engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Water resources engineering
  • Construction surveying
  • Construction engineering

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you can see that there is a wide range of possible directions a civil engineer can take.

Overall though, a typical civil engineer will be in charge of all aspects of a building project. Architectural drawings are created to help civil engineers manage a construction team, and guide them towards completion of the project. They will be present at regular intervals throughout the construction of a project to review the progress, and ensure it will be completed on time and on budget.

What makes a civil engineer different to other construction workers?

Civil Engineers - Principal Contracting LimitedIf you read the above and thought a civil engineer’s job looks like that of a site manager, or surveyor, you’d be half way there. A civil engineer is, in simple terms, a culmination of all jobs within the construction industry. As they need to oversee a project from start to finish, there is so much they need to consider.

Planning a large structure requires an in-depth knowledge of physics, mathematics, geology and hydrology. They must have an understanding of all the site specifications in addition to being aware of the properties of all available construction materials, and the capabilities of all available machinery.

They can then apply this knowledge to the project in hand, taking in to consideration several other factors including cost, safety, and energy efficiency.

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9 of Mankind’s Greatest Civil Engineering Feats

Posted: July 16, 2015 at 10:56 am

Civil engineering in some form is one of the oldest professions, with some arguing it is as old as civilisation itself. Without it, we wouldn’t have many basic things that we take for granted today. As the years have gone by and our civilisation has progressed; our understanding of engineering has progressed as well. We are now able to build buildings bigger, stronger, and more efficiently.

Despite this advancement, we can’t ignore some of the incredible civil engineering feats that have occurred throughout the centuries. There will always be a civil engineer willing to push boundaries, and create something unexpected, so we celebrate them here.

Here are nine of mankind’s greatest civil engineering feats.

Greatest Civil Engineering

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We are Hiring: Tracked Machine Excavator Driver

Posted: January 22, 2015 at 8:57 am

Hiring Tracked Machine Excavator Driver

We are looking for a tracked machine excavator driver with a below and above 10 tonne cpcs qualification for an immediate start.

Continuity of work and Continual personal development available for the right candidate.

Contact us on 0115 896 3333 for further details.


Housing Foundations Hull

Posted: April 24, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Hull Housing Foundations
We recently finished working on the foundations of Strata Homes in Hull on behalf of Stent House Foundations. We installed over 1300 linear meters of pre-cast foundations. We managed to install the foundations well within the estimated time frame and importantly within the client’s budget.

Why not contact us for an informal chat to see how we can help you on your next construction project.